I have spent a major portion of my life tending to house, home and family.

I offer my quality services as a housekeeper and personal lifestyle assistant because it is not only what I do best but what fulfils and inspires me; I derive great satisfaction and joy being of service.

I understand too what it is like to be responsible 24/7 for the daily grind life can be (most especially when you are the only shoulder at the wheel - or at least it seems so!), when you wish for an extra hand to get at least just the basics under control so you can concentrate on living the life you prefer.

My mission is to provide that support and to assist in creating a home for every client that is welcoming in its calm, order and maintained cleanliness; a retreat you will be relieved to return to everyday because it is now truly where you can unwind and rejuvenate, and relish your lifestyle.

Your third hand,


[National Police Certificate + Cert of Attainment: Follow Basic Food Safety Practices (Health Industry)]

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