NEED A HAND with the nitty-gritties of life? A hand managing your lifestyle so you have more time to live it?

Be it things you don't have time to do, want to do or know to do MyThirdHand provides quality assistance to get it done.

HOUSEKEEPING: Come home to a tidy, organised home, the smell of a fresh home cooked meal in the air (see Photo Gallery for a selection), fridge and pantry stocked to your perfection, wardrobe replenished with clean, ironed clothes, fresh sheets and towels at your bidding - look, you're actually enjoying your lifestyle!

PERSONAL LIFESTYLE: And the nitty-gritties never end there do they? From simple organising of wardrobes and cupboards to packing house and home to relocate, let's add more sense and sensibility to your lifestyle.

Check out the Services and Charges page for more ways having a third hand can help - single professionals and single parents most welcome.

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